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MAXI ENDURANCE 32h.A new challenge for lovers of strategy and endurance races. This project results from the idea of organizing the most demanding circuit race in the current Motorsport scene. The fact of being able to finish the race implies, for a team and its pilots, both a mechanical and a personal challenge, which adding up desire for self-improvement, competition, adrenaline and excitement, the result is a unique and unforgettable experience. The word “Team” finds in this Motorsport event its full meaning. We’ve raised the bar for endurance races of 24h, to recover the spirit uncertain of who can win an endurance race. The longest circuit endurance race in the world! Race supervised and regulations approved by the Spanish & Portugal Automobile Federation. Do you enjoy challenges as much as we do? Would you like to live this experience as the pilots did it on 2014? Build a team and take part in a race that will make history. The most demanding challenge for machines, teams and pilots. Are you up for it?


  • Become a part of History taking part in the most demanding circuit race in the world.
  • Overcome a mechanical and personal challenge. You can choose between 2 to 6 drivers and the entry fee and the number of drivers are proportional. The drivers entry fee entitles them to drive to different cars.
  • To lower costs and enhance the strategy, there will be a maximum number of tyres to be used within the race. They will be determined by the manufacturer for not compromising security.
  • All rescues are allowed. As final results are in the air until the very end, and in the race anything can happen, we would not like you to be left out of the race if any incident that can be repaired were to happen. Also it is allowed to change once the engine if necessary.
  • In each refueling the cars have a minimum time established by the organization to increase security
  • Overall Champion and podium per category.
  • Eligible cars among a total of 80 models and 26 different brands.

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