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Speed Circuit

The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA) race track opened its doors on 2nd November 2008. The circuit has received the highest praise from top drivers around the world and the main governing bodies of motorsports due to the technicalities of its design. The natural relief of the terrain was ideal for creating a unique circuit with many uphill and downhill sections that make driving a pleasure, since the corners and straights follow each other in quick succession with steep elevation changes. These design characteristics provide spectators with impressive and far-reaching views of the track from any grandstand. Speed circuit data

  • Category:
    • FIA (testing up to F1 and GP2 races)
    • FIM (Superbike races)
  • Total length: 4,684 m.
  • Option of 2 tracks at the same time (2.6 km and 1.3 km)
  • Width of the track: 14 m
  • Main straigh: 969 m.
  • Bends: 16 (7 left-hand and 9 right-hand)
  • Paddock:72,000 m²

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Cuenta con 72.000 m² The first floor of the pit building contains 17 hospitality rooms offering a perfect view of the main Speed Circuit track, the Karting track and the great esplanade of the Paddock. Its privileged location above the team garages means spectators can experience the sensations of a race as if they were actually taking part. On the top floor, spectators can enjoy the luxury of the Pit Terrace from which they can get unbeatable, all-round views of the races. All these areas have direct access to the Paddock Bar, a meeting area for fans and professionals where they can take a break or follow the races live. Pit building info

  • 42 pit garages + 4 pit garages for scrutineering.
  • 8 sport offices and 2 conference rooms.
  • Briefing and Press Rooms.
  • Catering room.
  • Paddock Bar with terrace over the Pit lane.
  • Hospitality rooms with terrace over the Pit lane.
  • Medical centre and burns unit
Vip Tower

The VIP Tower is in the center of the Algarve International Autodrome and has excellent views of various areas of the court. It has 4 floors and a parking. Control tower data

  • Race Control with CCTV and Timekeeping.
  • Commercial and admin offices.
  • AMB Timekeeping.
  • Public address, speakers and DJ room.

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