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Challenge Clio 3.2



Maxi Endurance organizes within the 32-hour event, and complementing and supporting the latter, another race under the denomination Sprint Endurance Cup 3,2 and, moreover, the Challenge Renault Clio 3,2 and they will be run in accordance with the following.


They will be run in conformity with the Maxi Endurance 32h ́ Sporting and Technical regulations with the sole exception of this Appendix.

Art. 1. Eligible vehicles

Eligible cars are those defined in the Technical regulations of Maxi Endurance 32h and the Renault Clio cars taking part in the Challenge, which the Organization will allocate among those that have entered.

Art.2. Entry fees.

Sprint Endurance Cup 3,2:

EUR 650 per driver

Challenge Renault Clio 3,2:

The full price of car hire, including entry fee, fuel, tires, assistance, transport and insurance is EUR 9,000.

Art. 3 Number of drivers

Challenge Renault Clio 3,2: From 1 to 3 drivers

Art.4 Qualifying

That is foreseen in night qualifying session shall not be apply and competitors will not have to take part.

Art.5 Tires

Sprint Endurance Cup 3,2:

It is compulsory to purchase at least a set of new tires from Pirelli or Michelin at the track, they both providers for the race.

Challenge Renault Clio 3,2:
Each team has a maximum of 6 tires for the event.

Art.6 Classification

There will be an overall classification and a class classification, the latter only for the Sprint Endurance Cup 3,2, in accordance with the Maxi Endurance 32 ́s regulations and after expiring the race time (192 minutes).

Art.7 Prizes. Trophies

Sprint Endurance Cup 3,2:

The first three classified teams, both overall and in class, will win a trophy.

Challenge Renault Clio 3,2:

Result prize money:

1st EUR 3,000

2nd EUR 2,000

3rd EUR 1,000

Besides, there will be additional prize money decided by lot among Clio Cars completing at least 75% of Challenge race winner:

1st prize EUR 10,000 2nd prize EUR 5,000 3rd prize EUR 3,000

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